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As a solution provider, Tricorntech partners with our Customers to not only solve problems but create values. We improve as time goes, grow with our Customers, and link up with the world; Tricorntech accompanies you on the path to success.

» Sustainability

Bearing in mind the corporate social responsibility, Tricorntech advocates the vision of creating and maintaining a green business. By providing our R&D strengths, we promote the idea for not only our co-workers and partners but also our Customers to co-share a green environment so as to achieve the purpose of sustainable development.

» Innovation

Tricorntech possesses critical and novel technology, providing customized service for different applications. “Sky is the limit”; with self-R&D capability, Tricorntech aims at developing the most innovative and cost-effective solutions for our valued Customers.

» Competitiveness

By matching our core competencies to the opportunities either hidden or presented, Tricorntech possesses competitive advantages by offering the optimal value with cost-effective solutions. Differentiation is also one of our great values consolidating us on the market stage to always be capable of giving the best.