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  • TRICORNTECH – a VOC Monitoring Expert

    Performing rapid air quality analysis
    from cleanrooms to metropolises

  • Assuring the Quality of Semiconductor Fabrication Processes

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    TRICORNTECH’s airborne molecular contaminant (AMC)
    analyzer monitors the production line around-the-clock to
    provide timely data and enhance product yield

  • Monitoring VOC Emissions at Industrial Parks

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    VOCs can cause cancer. They are also precursors to PM2.5. Customizable solutions by TRICORNTECH help factories monitor the concentration of individual VOCs accurately and efficiently

  • Seizing Crucial Environmental Data at Disaster Areas

    When an industrial disaster strikes, TRICORNTECH’s MiTAP VOC Analyzer can be deployed at a moment’s notice to monitor the concentration of harmful substances and assist emergency responders

  • Performing Smart Air Quality Analysis

    Concentration data is presented in an intuitive manner.
    To determine sources of air pollution and aid the decision-making process, MiTAP VOC Analyzer can also be connected
    to the cloud for AI analysis

  • Thinking Green to Achieve Sustainable Management

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    With advanced electronics, an innovative detection architecture, and flexible integration options, TRICORNTECH watches over the air we breathe to safeguard our health

With talented hardware and software development teams, TRICORNTECH excels in domains such as production yield
management, pollution control, and environmental research.

Expandable solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Innovative & Highly Acclaimed

TRICORNTECH’s MiTAP™ VOC Analyzer was recognized by TSMC as a
laboratory-grade, field-deployable system. It is the only system awarded
with the Highly Commended honor

  • MiTAP™ VOC Analyzer

TRICORNTECH’s MiTAP VOC analyzer is the world’s first online monitoring system capable of providing laboratory-grade performance (0.1 ppb) out in the field. A perfect blend of high-concentration sampling systems, micro GS modules, sensor arrays, and advanced electronics, a number of stationary and transportable VOC monitoring solutions are available to clients in the semiconductor industry to meet their AMC monitoring requirements.

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  • US EPA (美國環保署)
  • 第13屆台灣新創獎-企業新創-創控科技
  • SEMI
  • American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers
  • IAQ
  • Air & Waste Management Association