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The iron and steel industry is a key sector providing a fundamental material to society. The manufacturing process, however, produces intensive emissions, threatening the environment. Reducing emissions has therefore become a huge task in iron and steel industry.

MiTAP series provide Customer with solutions on building monitoring network. With the advantage of being able to conduct on-site and continuous monitoring, our portable MiTAP presents highly precise and accurate value for emission control so as to enhance the efficiency of emission reduction and environment protection.

Monitoring Air Quality In & Around Industrial Areas

Help clients achieve regulatory compliance for specific toxic substances through the establishment of advanced monitoring networks. In addition, provide clients with customized solutions based on various attributes, fabrication processes, and facilities to help them establish onsite, instantaneous, and continuous air quality assessment and chemical detection stations. Finally, generate detailed pollution maps of the entire region by integrating data with other environmental factors such as wind directions and wind velocities to safeguard surrounding communities.

During incidents involving mass evacuations, such as the detection of a continuous leak, assistance is provided to help clients seize control of the situation and implement optimal response measures at a moment’s notice.

Indoor Air Quality Screening

In response to the 2011 Indoor Air Quality Act published by the Taiwanese government, Tricorntech has launched the independently-developed MiTAP VOC Analyzer. It is a precision instrument capable of monitoring temperature, humidity, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and total volatile organic compounds (TVOC) simultaneously.

With respect to the measurement of TVOC concentrations, MiTAP offers detection methods which have been lab-tested to have high correlations with the testing standards specified by the Environmental Protection Administration, Executive Yuan. In fact, measurement data obtained by the MiTAP VOC Analyzer have even surpassed the precision requirements stipulated by the government. The instrument can be used in a number of public facilities or designated areas to perform mobile or automatic monitoring. MiTAP is the perfect solution to help vendors and businesses achieve regulatory compliance.

MiTAP is not only simple to operate, it also offers unparalleled precision comparable to laboratory-grade systems. The fully automatic instrument can be effortlessly operated by non-professionals to perform onsite air quality monitoring, and measurement data are presented in an intuitive manner that is straightforward and easy to understand.

Ambient Air Monitoring – Mobile Sources

Mobile sources are compounds emitted by vehicles which have been proven to cause serious health problems and impact the environment.

  • Offering superior flexibility, MiTAP can be deployed at bus stations to provide continuous air quality index to nearby communities as well as collect accurate and reliable data to help government officials implement air pollution management strategies.

  • MiTAP is a compact and lightweight solution which can be easily powered by a car battery. The system can be mounted in a vehicle to capture continuous snapshots of air quality in the region.
  • During an emergency, MiTAP provides invaluable data to first responders by monitoring toxic VOCs in the air.

Stationary Emission Source Identification

  • Designed with great mobility and stability, MiTAP VOC Analyzers can be deployed inside stationary cabins or mobile laboratories to reliably generate continuous air quality data..

  • MiTAP can be used to perform continuous emission monitoring by analyzing flue-gas emissions produced by industrial plants.

  • A fenceline monitoring network can be established by integrating continuous air quality data with environmental factors such as wind velocity/direction, humidity, and temperature.

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