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Tricorntech is involved in the long-term investment and development of non-invasive medical procedures. For example, breathanalyzer tests are used to diagnose tuberculosis, asthma, periodontal diseases, lung cancer, and a number of other diseases. By collaborating with domestic and overseas researchers and hospitals as well as taking advantage of the specificity of volatile organic gases, customized instruments are created for monitoring and examining biomarkers. In addition, corresponding adjustments can be made by targeting a specific disease or a number of related health indicators. With the product’s superior mobility, solutions based on different sampling designs can be created to provide a more direct and timely diagnosis.


Specific VOCs targeted by factories as well as other VOCs emitted during the drug manufacturing process can be strictly monitored. Similar to food processing, each step from selecting raw material suppliers to market distribution must be carefully supervised to ensure the highest quality.


In addition to state-regulated additives such as esters, fatty acids, alcohol, aldehydes, and terpenes, other pollutants produced by food deterioration and adulteration can also be detected by using the GC-MS method. Our portable gas analyzers are the perfect solution to help supply chains in the food industry perform self-inspections, prevent source contamination, and guarantee food safety.